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PRODUCTS - Solar Home Light

  • Solar Home Light is a well-built, portable, multi-purpose andy easy to use SOLAR based LED Light.
  • Solar Home Light design allows the light to used as a table top light, a wall mounted light or as a flood light.
  • Solar Home Light is a multipurpose aid. It is used by women in the kitchen, by farmers in the field, by small entrepreneurs in a variety of cottage industries, by children for studying and in offices and hospitals for normal and emergency use.
  • Solar Home Light has 3 lighting modes:
    • - Bed-Lighting
    • – Medium-Lighting
    • – High-Lighting

  • Solar Home Light uses 2 watt LEDs made by the leading LED manufacturer and are higly energy efficient and maintenance free. The LEDs are 3 stimes more efficient than CFL and 20 times more efficient than a 40 watt bright light bulb.
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