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“The Powerplus Solutions, Hyderabad maintained our Nickel Cadmium Batteries Bank at our Hyd site location, they have suggested technically and giving very good service. Advance Sys-tek Pvt. Ltd (A GE Company).
“We have purchased 3kVA Online UPS and Batteries for our office, they are working very good and the service of Powerplus Solutions is excellent.”
Homeline Interiors & India Pvt. Ltd
“Powerplus Solutions, Hyderabad has supplied 6kva online UPS & Batteries for computers and we are working on the same without any power interruptions.”
Anant Rao & Mallik, Chartered Accountants
“Powerplus Solutions has offering excellent service and supply of Power back up products. We are happy with performance of the systems.”
AP Medical Services & Infrastructure Development Corporation
“Powerplus Solutions has supplied the Batteries and the performance is very good and we highly recommended their services.”
IMS Learning Resources Pvt. Ltd.
“Powerplus Solutions has supplied UPS, Batteries and Diesel Generator Batteries, they are working very good without any problem. we are satisfied by the service and support provided by them.”
Tata Coffee Limited


Powerplus Solutions is one of the Leading Manufacturer, Dealer, Supplier and Service provider of AC to DC, DC to AC and AC to AC Power products.

We have been providing Sales and Services of various Power Backup Equipments like UPS / Inverters, Batteries, which are the finest in the industry and domestic purpose in terms of Technical Specifications, Reliability, Performance, Customer Service and Warranties.

We have vast experience in designing and manufacturing power electronics products in the name and Style of Powerplus brand. Powerplus Solutions provide customers the high quality, reliability and value in each product.

Inverter / Home UPS (Pure Sine wave)

  • Mini CFL Inverter
  • 600VA
  • 800VA
  • 1400VA
  • 2000VA
  • 3000VA
  • 5000VA

Voltage Stabilizer

Solar Home Light & Solar Desk Light

Solar Home UPS (Pure sine wave)

Online UPS
  • Single Phase-1kVA – 10kVA

  • Three Phase-10kVA – 80kVA

Powerplus Inverter/UPS is a Innovative way to keep your lights, fans, computers, Refrigerators, Motors, Air conditioners and other Electrical appliances running during power cuts. Eliminate the inconvenience that a loss of mains power brings, and continue your daily routine without disruption.

Designed specifically for India's power conditions, Powerplus Inverter/UPS state-of-the-art circuit delivers backup power instantly, and also recharges your battery faster, so you get the longest possible battery life.

Use our Inverter/UPS system and enjoy the security of uninterrupted power for your home or business. We are continuously developing new, innovative technologies, in order to make more efficient, environmentally friendly and price worthy products.

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